Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Flight to Japan!

From MN to Japan had to be the longest, longest, flight i have ever taken. Wait, I didn't even think planes could fly that far without refueling?! LOL, any how it was a bumpy long flight. I did lots of praying! Oh, airplane food Stinks! When we got to Japan I felt like i had just finished a 10 day night shift ER gig.

Well, We was there just long enough to Sleep and eat Breakfast. Imagine this a airport large enough to have its on Hotel??? Here we got our first taste of Asian Coffee, YUCK!! so strong.

Us Eating Breakfast and Drinking a Strong cup of Joe!

Once we were up were were on our next flight to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport via Thai Air, The Official Carrier of James Bond! No just kidding there. ( That was for Sam!) From Narita to Bangkok was about 8 hours I believe. Now bear in mind that we have been flying for what seemed like days by this time. Oh, and did you know that from the US to Japan we never saw darkness, yep we was traveling with the sun so it never got dark. The stewardess closed the blinds on the windows so it would simulate night and we could get some sleep. Be it in mind that i had a very energetic 4 year old in the seat in front of me, yep you guessed it all the way she bounced like Tigger back and forth. Ok now we arrive in Bangkok here is a shot of the airport outside.

Bangkok Airport

Then we boarded a bus for another plane to Chang Mai, hey almost there.

"The Bus"

Kay, Don and Al on "The Bus" Sam and I, wait that's a Dr. Seuss BoOk?? anyhow we were at the other end.

The people on Thai air was very nice. I met a "M" on the plane ride from Bangkok to Chang Mai and he was from Texas, Robert I believe was his name. He was telling me that Chang Mai is a "Hub" for Missionary and Christianity work. He and his family have been doing Missionary work for 6 years. What a blessing this would be to be able to spread the word of Christ in this medium! The flight from Bangkok to Chang Mai was about a hour. Just long enough for a cup of hot tea and a slice of pound cake!

Arriving in Chang Mai we met, Pam, David, Dude and Pam and The Master of Thai Language Himself "Kyle". He was so cool. Ok now we leave the airport heading to Our first hotel. This is the first thing i see and I snap a quick photo:
A dog taking a rest after a motorbike ride??
Ok I break for a bit. Seriously please be in constant prayer for all our dear friends in Thailand and all Missionaries there, that they may do the work God has called then to do.

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