Saturday, December 27, 2008

It Starts, The Journey

Sam, Jason, Kay, Don and AL
Ok, now over a month after the fact I am finally getting myself in gear to start on a deep journey to Thailand for our mission trip. What a experience this was for me and everyone on the team. What a spritual experience to see how Christ joined this team together, assembling just the right mix of personalites to perform his Work.
This will no doubt be a funny, outrageous and serious blog, wraped all in one. I had the time of my life and I want to convey every second, every experience, and the exicement I felt to you in a informal, fun friendly way. However, saying that to say, the main reason, the Purpose of this trip was NOT vacation or sightseeing tour, but to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who will never hear about it. In doing this, I met some of the most wonderful people I have truly ever experienced, from our Mission team to the children and Teacher's in Thailand. I developed a true understanding of the importance of International Mission work. God has called each of us to be missions. Won't you help me help them help us achieve this? Now lets start.
So, that said, please sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and lets talk. I encourage you to follow this blog as I post. Surely it will teach us all something, be funny, sad, uplifting and Exciting! Now share with me the wonderful Love of Jesus.

There is so much to say and see over there and well, lets began. It started on a Thursday morning, early, no earlier. We arrived at the
airport around 5am in Memphis,(pic 1) man was I nervous getting on a west bound 747, (as the song goes!) But with prayer and a good sense of my purpose of the trip we were on our way! The pic on top is Sam, Me (Jason), Kay, Don and Al. What a great group of people, but wait until the end of the trip this is when we really knew each other and boy what Wonderful people they are, truly!

From Memphis to MN, was un-eventful basic boring flight. But arriving in MN and getting onboard that big ole bird, Pic 2, heading for Narita International Airport in Tokyo Japan was a bit overwhelming. This thing had two levels!! Two Decks, a plane with stairs! The flight from MN to come.............let me grab a cup of coffee.

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